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Unlock a World of Learning and Fun with mTiny


Grades: PK-2 | Imagine this Christmas morning: your family gathered around, the air filled with excitement and anticipation. As your children unwrap their gifts, their eyes light up at the sight of the mTiny Robot, not just a toy, but a gateway to a world of learning and fun! Its user friendly design allows kids to independently practice coding principles immediately, while our easy to follow lesson plans allow you to guide them on their learning journey for more intentional play. Created by teachers and STEM experts, this bundle is designed to help children practice essential skills so that they can thrive in the classroom and beyond. 

    • Made for beginners: Ready to play right out of the box. A captivating way to introduce screen-free coding during those cozy winter evenings.
    • More than a toy: Confidently guide children through the wonders of STEM with engaging activities aligned to educational standards.
    • Child-Safe and Eco-Friendly: Materials are non-toxic and durable, making it perfect for young learners.

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Fun Robots for Curious Minds, Meaningful Play for Busy Teachers

As educators who dedicate their days to inspiring students, we know how challenging it can be to find quality family time at home. And even though learning beyond the classroom is crucial to children’s development, the last thing you want to do is spend those precious moments forcing learning on your child – That’s why we’re here to help! Learning shouldn’t be something your child dreads. Let mTiny spark a love for learning, where playtime becomes a shared journey of discovery!

Learn how to support children's development through play​

Explore the world of STEM career possibilities​​

Practice computational thinking, directions, and math​

Play Video

Watch now as parent and educator Linette Victor describes her experience bringing mTiny into the classroom!

STEM lessons made accessible for all

Our user-friendly Exploring Robotics lessons are designed for anyone and everyone passionate about guiding young learners. Whether you’re a teacher, media specialist, camp director, club educator, or homeschool parent, these lessons will meet you where you’re at. They are designed to be intuitive and inviting, encouraging a hands-on approach where your children take the lead. 

Let us help you prepare the next generation

As seasoned educators with a wealth of experience in STEM, we understand the critical importance of preparing the next generation for the challenges and opportunities of the future. We know firsthand the dual role you play as both a teacher and a parent. You’re not just looking for a way to educate; you’re searching for the means to give children a head start in a world increasingly driven by technology.

We’ve also experienced the struggle to find the right products that balance educational value with engaging fun. That’s why we’ve paired the mTiny Robot with a specially crafted curriculum that speaks to this unique need. It’s more than just a gift; it’s a window to a world of learning that will equip children with critical thinking skills, creativity, and a passion for discovery. With the mTiny Robot and our expertly developed Exploring Robotics Curriculum lessons, kids are not just playing; they are preparing for a brighter, smarter future.


Educator Leticia Lemos from San Ysidro School District with Dr. Todd Ullah, Chief Strategy Officer and PD facilitator at EDforTech

Student practicing sequencing before applying it to mTiny

"There are two really key things missing from the district: Arts and STEM. Especially in the younger grades... Being able to fill that void and create curiosity and passion. Students are building an interest in something they didn’t think they had an interest in."
Devin Chisholm
Detroit Public Schools
It was a big push for our kids and teachers to have STEM embedded in the classroom curriculum. We didn’t want it to be something separate and off the shelf. We want it to be something that drives instruction and computational thinking while enhancing our learners... Our work with Exploring Robotics uses curriculum that allows them to do a deeper dive.
Andrea Huff
Career & STEM Academy Director at Barr-Reeve Community Schools

Students playing Red Light Green Light with mTiny

Are you ready to light up your holiday with mTiny?

Get the mTiny Bundle

Your Robot kit will be delivered to you along with Exploring Robotics Curriculum access.

Unbox and Play

After your kit arrives, mTiny is ready to code straight out of the box!

Dive into the Learning

Confidently guide your child at any stage of their learning journey with our expert guidance and resources.


Want to transform your family’s holiday into a world of wonder and discovery? 

Watch your children’s eyes sparkle with delight as they meet mTiny, a friendly robot that greets them with a cheerful “Hello”. With interchangeable masks, mTiny becomes a playful Cat, a loyal Dog, or a cute Panda, each with its own set of amusing sounds.

Effortlessly, your little ones will master the tap pen controller, guiding their new friend in joyful exploration. Then, it’s story time with a twist. As they dive into the storybook and interactive puzzle pieces, they’ll be taking their first steps into the engaging world of coding. mTiny is not just a gift; it’s an experience, creating hours of bonding and joyous educational adventures. Are you ready for a holiday filled with fun, learning, and laughter?

Enriching Family Time

The mTiny robot is designed to enhance those precious moments at home with your family, blending learning with play.

Engaging and Fun Lessons

Includes 12 approachable 1-2 hour lessons. Have one coding family game night a month, and watch as mTiny brings fun for an entire year!

Intuitive and Inviting

The activities encourage a hands-on, intuitive approach, perfect for family members of all ages to learn and laugh together.

Creating Lasting Memories

With the mTiny robot, you’re not just choosing a gift; you’re choosing an enriching experience that promises lasting memories filled with learning and laughter.

Building Strong Foundations

mTiny lays the groundwork for essential skills, fostering early development in your child's formative years.

Exploring Robotics Lessons

12 Lessons included in the mTiny Stories and Games Bundle:

1. Hello mTiny!

Students are introduced to mTiny, exploring its components and concluding with a video and discussion on sharing and how to care for the robot.

2. Let's be Software Engineers!

Students get the opportunity to be Software Engineers to control mTiny. They use the map and drive mTiny to eat bamboo, then read a book, then go to bed.

3. Are You a Fish?

Students explore animal-like robots that exist or could exist in the future, and are in the water with fish. Then, they create their own sea robot.

4. What is a Sequence?

Students explore sequences by having a birthday party for mTiny and traveling the map to the carousel, the birthday cake, and the clown show.

5. Red Light, Green Light

Students are engaged in a game of Red Light, Green Light. Then, they take that experience and apply it to mTiny.

6. Are You an Insect?

Students explore the kinds of problems solved by animal-like robots and get the chance to create a bot of their own.

7. Captain’s Orders

Students explore how different objects on map blocks affect mTiny through a game that requires focus and attention.

8. Forest Party

Students explore how different actions are triggered when mTiny robot dresses up as an animal, makes new animal sounds, and travels the map to have a forest party.

9. What's the Time, Mr. Wolf?

Students build on their experience controlling mTiny’s movement by exploring coding cards to make the robot move forward while playing the fun game of What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?

10. Navigating mTiny

This lesson uses a zig-zag maze that requires students to apply their knowledge of coding and directions to navigate the maze.

11. Let’s Play Hopscotch!

Through a game of hopscotch, students explore how to build a sequence using Action cards.

12. Where’s my Bamboo?

This lesson introduces two new cards: the Input and Go! Cards. These cards will allow students to create algorithms of step-by-step sequences as they navigate mTiny to find his bamboo.

Support Children’s Development with Exploring Robotics

Unlock learning with the mTiny curriculum, a playful toolkit fostering 21st-century skills like literacy and mathematics. Our engaging activities nurture cognitive and socio-emotional development, making learning a joyous adventure. With tangible programming blocks and interactive maps, mTiny builds skills for the future in a delightful way.

mTiny Child Development

Our Curriculum Aligns with Standards

Lessons are designed to meet PK-2 student learning goals so that you can better prepare children inside and outside of the classroom.





Learning a new language doesn’t have to be rocket science, even if it is in code. 😉 Our curriculum is designed to be implemented with ease and easy enough for kids (or the kid at heart) to understand.


4.49 x 4.19 x 3.86 in | 12.35 Ounces

Distance Range

Within 10m (in open areas)

Battery Time

2.5 hours




Power Supply

5V 1800mAh Li-Po

Equipment / Sensors

Encoder motor × 2, 1.5W Hi-Fi speaker, LCD eyes × 2, RGB LED × 8, OID sensor, 6 axis motion sensor

Tap Pen Controller

Power Supply

5V 300mAh Li-Po


2.4GHz wireless - distance within a 10-meter radius

Equipment / Sensors

OID sensor, 6 axis motion sensor, double axis joystick, button × 2, LED indicator × 6

Robot Comparison Document

Equip your classroom with the best technology

Gain insights on the top educational robotics brands with our Robot Comparison Document – we’ve collected and compared data from well known robotics brands such as Vex and Sphero to help you make the most informed decision for your classroom.