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Exploring the Secret Code with Ranger


Grades 6-9 | Take your students on a top secret mission to infiltrate a research facility and retrieve a secret source code! Throughout this course, students are immersed in real-world STEM concepts and project-based lessons designed to promote active learning and computational thinking. Enjoy up to 40 hours of engaging hands-on engineering activities.


Inspire young people with interactive experiences and proven lessons.

Empower your students to take part in the discovery of science, technology, engineering, and math using the Ranger STEM Lab pack. Ranger is an excellent educational robot for beginners, making teaching and learning programming simple and fun. Combined with our standards-aligned curriculum and expert support, we make it easy for you to create a Robotics STEM Elective Course or teach a Unit in a Science, Math, or Computer Science class.

Download the Ranger Brochure for later viewing or printing.

STEM Solutions

For Busy Teachers

Save time in lesson prep with standards-aligned, easy to teach lessons created by teachers for teachers.

Gain helpful STEM and CS tips and techniques through live or virtual PD sessions with our experts.

Tailored for your timeframe: Camp, after-school, or inclass with 6 to 40 hrs of hands-on activities

You can count on our support team for technical and lesson planning assistance when you need it.

Build your robot easily with 3D building guides.

With just a screwdriver and the step by step instructions and videos, children can build a robot from scratch and experience the joys of hands-on creation.

Beginner friendly drag-and-drop coding.

Using the latest Scratch 3.0, mBlock software features many powerful functions and promises a truckload of experience; coding is as simple as assembling building blocks and is made accessible on your tablet, phone, or computer.

Connect STEM disciplines using fun lessons.

Real-world project based lessons encourage students to apply their math, ELA, and science fundamental knowledge, all while reinforcing core skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method, and more.

Integrate robot technology to engage in coding and engineering.

Equipped with the latest tech, sensors and parts; Ranger is designed for education.

With the right tools, any teacher can be a STEM teacher.​

Exploring Robotics curricula can be used by any Math, Science, CS, STEM teacher, media specialist, camp director, or club educator. Start easily with a STEM Lab Pack that includes everything needed for success.

Easy to implement while still meeting academic standards.


Apply physical science concepts, engage in scientific inquiry, and perform data analysis.


Create and test programs in projects combining hardware and software with variables, loops, and conditionals.


Collaborate, communicate, and create innovative designs using the Engineering Design Process.


Reason abstractly while solving multi-step real world problems and algorithms.

A lot of teachers have a hesitation with getting out of their comfort zone. When you are talking coding, you are talking a foreign language. That hurdle has been taken down. It was to a point to where teachers could learn easily with the students. It has helped with knowledge transfer and has become something they can do themselves.”
– Mike Bell, Digital Learning Coach, Floyd County Schools


Curriculum Overview

Laying out the foundation, this curriculum overview will walk you through the concept of the course, overall pedagogy, and how it can be implemented in your classroom.

Sample Lesson

Ranger: The Secret Code lessons will engage your students, utilize the engineering design process, and encourage teamwork through fun challenges.


This syllabus will provide you with an in-depth look into the sequencing and pacing of instruction for this course. The time frame can always be adjusted to fit your schedule, with 5 to 30+ hours of activities – Just contact us!


Learning a new language doesn’t have to be rocket science, even if it is in code. 😉 Our curriculum is designed to be implemented with ease and easy enough for kids (or the kid at heart) to understand.


Computer, Tablet, Phone (macOS / Windows / iOS / Android). Compatible with Makeblock Maker’s Platform and Lego bricks


7.87 x 6.5 x 4.72 in (L × W × H) | Weight: 3.53 lbs

Programmable modules

Light Sensor, Button, IR Receiver, Ultrasonic Sensor, Line Follower Sensor, Buzzer, RGB LED ×2, IR Transmitter, Motor ×2

Power Supply

3.7V Lithium Battery



Control Board


Coding Languages

Can be controlled with Scratch, Python, or Arduino code

Professional Development

Your Personalized Support.

Looking for ways to support your staff with STEM related skills? EdforTech offers virtual professional development for K-12 educators. We bring innovative professional development to your district with customized workshops. We’ll start working with you from the beginning, offering 3 to 4 hours of hands-on direct instruction via video conferencing. Through interactive learning and proven classroom strategies, we deliver professional development that improves STEM outcomes. We’ll show you exciting ways to keep students engaged, help refine STEM teaching skills and gain confidence in your delivery methods.


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