Exploring Robotics Check List
Exploring Expeditions with mTiny
Grades: PK-2 | Drive mTiny with a remote control and control cards to go on adventures wi...
Exploring a Mission to Mars with Codey Rocky
Grades 3-7 | Send Codey to Mars! An adventure awaits where Codey becomes a rocket, then a...
Exploring Digital Games with HaloCode
Grades 5-8 | Awaken the powers of creativity as students create wearable art and digital...
Exploring Autonomous Vehicles with mBot
Grades 4-7 | Revolutionize transportation and mobility using mBot, the autonomous vehicle...
Exploring the Secret Code with Ranger
Grades 6-9 | Take your students on a top secret mission to infiltrate a research facility...
Exploring a Mars Habitat with Ultimate
Grades 8-12 | Go on a mission to colonize Mars using autonomous robots! The journey begin...
Professional Development
Your personalized support. Looking for ways to support your staff with STEM related skill...
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